U Joints
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Stock U-joints for the XJ

The following info is for the '88 - other styles (pre 87 and 95+ etc may be different)

Prices are November 1999 market price, pre-tax, in
Canadian $. Note too,
the X's in the part numbers are not place holders, they are actaully part of the part number.

Spicer u-joints are the best and worth asking for. Independent testing done by Warn Industries found that as far as sheer breaking strength, the closest competitor was 85 percent of the Spicer and the other
brands went down from there.

These are all the different Spicer u-joints that can be found in the XJ

5-153X ($12.68)

Very popular, inexpensive, and long lasting. Grease fitting located in the body of the cross, which lessens its torque capacity. A little looser fit than would be ideal for high speed applications

5-433-1x ($45.95)
5-260-1X ($40.68)

Possibly their best joint. This joint is stronger
than the 5-153 for high impact loads. Grease fitting is located in the end of one of the bearing caps and the body of the cross is drilled with a small hole.

5-625X ($19.76)
5-260X ($30.29)

These are the joints Spicer supplies to OEM and they think it is the best joint they have ever made. This is a non-greaseable joint. Personally, i don't like anything i can't grease - especially for heavy-duty extreme service.

There is also an item listed in the Dana catalogue as "CV centering yoke" as part of the front CV double cardan joint - not sure what it is, but it lists for $35.78 and is part # 211355X.

Now for your choices:

Front axle (both sides same) 5-260-1X OR 5-260X

Front shaft front joint 5-153X OR 5-625X

Front shaft middle and rear joints (as in the 2 that make up the CV joint), both the same, 5-433-1X

Rear shaft (2 joints, one front, one rear, both the same) 5-625X OR 5-153X


Tom Woods - probably the best driveshaft man in the business (see link below) gave me the following tip (thanks Tom):

"I believe that one of the most significant things you can do to strengthen the U joint is to use a loctite product in the bores of the yokes and around the circumference of the bearing cap. This will bond these two parts together giving you the combined strength of each."

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