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Bill's Tech Article Index

Important note.  Some of my tech articles are large and with many pictures.  As such, they take a long time to load, and if you're on a slow dialup like me, often the web browser will "time out" before all the pics or thumbnail have loaded.  The result ism you end up with a bunch of little red Xs where the pics should be.  The only solution I know of is to right-click where each red X is, and select "show picture" from the pop-up menu.  If anyone knows how to adjust the browser setting so it takes longer to time out - please e-mail me, and I'll post it here.



*** NEW ***  XJ Hybrid Axle - how to "homebrew" Dana44 knuckles, locking hubs, big brakes, and Hy Steer on your D30 - applies to jeeps other than XJ too.

Also shows problems with stock setup at higher lifts.

WICKED Steering Pages - from rod ends to Hy Steer to Tube specs and TRE part numbers...all you need to know to create your own perfect steering....and see how I did mine.

** UPDATED ** Rockstomper DIY Beadlock article

Older Articles

Newer Articles


Some of the first tech articles I wrote

The latest and greatest of my tech articles

Just for fun stuff

'98 Honda bucket seats in an XJ
D30 Front Diff guard
2wd Low (manually controlling front axle disconnect)
Custom front bumper / winch mount / brush guard
Beefing up the Mopar gas tank skidplate
Custom steel safari roof rack
Custom rear bumper / receiver / air tank / swing out carrier
Custom heavy duty box steel rocker replacement 
Homebrew snorkel
Custom Transfer case skidplate
Auto Tranny tech

Temp gauge install
Inline filter install
Aftermarket cooler install
TV (Throttle Valve) cable adjustment

The $5 Auto - manual switch
Homebrew hood vents
Air Tube
Anti-wrap bar
Rear BPE's
Front BPE's
CPS Mod - retarding timing
D30 tech - a look inside the disconnect D30
D44 buildup (rear)
Disc brake conversion (rear)
SYE and CV driveshaft
Dual batteries
Aux cooling fan install
Rear TJ fender flares on all corners
Front Leaf spring conversion
Open rad conversion
"Evolver" Shackles
Hy Steer crossover steering
Custom hybrid D30/D44 front axle
Super Swamper install - 36x12.50R15 TSL's
Valve Stem protection
Yoke Swapping

Carnage - stuff I've broken  

Action shots

My day job - see my other ride


Beefy stuff - the biggest and badest stuff I can find

Dragging Junk home...what a cool waste of money!

Military 4x4's from around the many can you identify?



Other great XJ Pages

Best Forums

Tables and lists of useful XJ Tech info

The best tech pages from around the web

Great places to hang out online and learn about your XJ or other 4x4

U Joints - Prices and Part numbers for XJ U-joints
American Racing Wheel Specs
SKF Bearing catalogue - all XJ bearings listed
Shock lengths - specs of many different stock shocks
Alloy Rims - detailed specs of every 5x4.5" alloy rim in existence
Ed Steven's
Chris Susut's
Craig Houghtaling's page
Jason West's ""
Jeep'n John's page
Marcus' Oz XJ Site
Dino's Stroker Motor page
Rob's Stroker page
Tim's Stroker page
Borton's Page
NAXJA - The North American XJ Association
POR - Pirates of the Rubicon - Hardcore tech
XJ List archives
XJ Digest archives and subscription


Original "quick mods"

Great General tech

Racecar Parts

The first original articles I did, with one quick mod per page.  Many are no longer a part of my XJ, but they still may be of some use to some

The best Sites on the web for general tech info from welding to nuts and bolts

Great "alternate" sources for parts, from racecar parts suppliers to 18 wheeler supply houses, and marine suppliers.  Often these places have as good or better parts, for much less than many 4x4 suppliers gouge us for, and often they have great ideas you can use on your 4x4.

Book 1 - Table of Contents:

Page 1 - aux cooling fan
Page 2 - waterproofing
Page 3 - CB mounting
Page 4 - Home-made Dog guard
Page 5 - Exhaust flex joint
Page 6 - Truck bed liner floor
Page 7 - Aftermarket gauges
Page 8 - More gauges/cup hold
Page 9 - inline Tranny filter
Page 9 - horn relocation
Page 10 - LCA bracket skid
Page 10 - track bar relocation
Page 11 - LCA bracket skid
Page 11 - LCA cut for clearance
Page 12 - Armorthane in trunk

Book 2 - Table of Contents

Page 1 - Xfer case lowering
Page 2 - Tailgate latch beef
Page 3 - Tailgate sound proofing
Page 4 - Tail light guard
Page 5 - Tail light guard (2)
Page 6 - Tie rod beefing
Page 7 - Tie rod beefing (2)
Page 8 - Tranny temp gauge
Page 9 - vacuum ball relocation
Page 10 - FREE cooling - fan clutch improvement
Page 11 - Custom coil spacers
Page 12 - Custom coil spacers (2)


A&A manufacturing (OEM axle builders)
Dana Axle Bill of Materials
The Dana Expert Site
Dana Driveshaft
American Fastener tech tables
Martindale's Reference desk (you have to see it to believe it)
Spicer Driveshaft group
Moog Electronic catalogue
Moog Tech articles
New Venture Transfer case info - right from the manufacturer
Great Welding info from the experts
Awesome application info from Timken - want to know if this hub fits this spindle - compare the bearing numbers from here and find out.
US Patents - full database.  Type in whatever interests you (e.g. 12v DC air compressor) and just look at the info!!

Parts for Trucks (my favorite 18 wheeler supply house)

Stock car Products

Chassis Shop

AFCO Racing

Intercomp racing

Longacre racing

Quickcar Racing - makers of the coolest tire pressure gauges


If you can't find it at one of these 2 - it doesn't exist !

Pit Stop USA



Left Hander Chassis

Baker Precision

Blue Sea Systems marine electrical

Guest Marine Products

Perko Marine Hardware

Rod Ends (Heim Joints)



QA1 (used by Rubicon Express)

Other Interesting Parts Sources



J Parts

Must Have .PDFs

Books you should own

WEB Magazines

Great Adobe Acrobat PDF files, from the Spicer yoke catalogue to the Crown Jeep parts catalogue

Link to a list of great books for fabricators and builders

My favorite online webzines

Bumpsteer article by Longacre racing
Moog_rubber_bushing_cross_reference 1
NGK_spark plugs part_number_decipher
Bill's Favourite Tech and Reference Books
Cherokee America
Dirt Road Magazine
Jeep Wire
Jeep Journal
Outdoor Wire
Wilderness Offroad


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